Solace Crafting

Solace Crafting
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Building beginnings

Two of my favorite games are Minecraft and Rust. Precisely because you can build freely and design you own homebase. This has always been a necessity in the world of Solace Crafting and it's been a lot of fun getting the system in game.

Currently the the system works through a UI that is quite different than Minecraft and Rust, though the end results are similar. The UI still needs a lot of growth visually, but I'll post pictures soon. Basically it's from a third person perspective as most of the fantasy RPG world is. This allows building from a greater distance than when placing things by hand.

As for the mechanics Building is a profession like smithing or mining. We get better at it the more we practice and this let's us learn new building styles, shapes, as well maximum height and others.

The Building profession also opens up to the traps and tower system in which players are going to be able to build defensive and offensive tower and rooms to protect important areas. This leads to lots of fun in PvP and friendly maze building, but is also often a necessary for upgrading Dimension Crystals, the main form of transportation, during which waves of enemies spawn to try and interrupt the process.

I also learned a lot about PBR materials and found a great normal map builder: .

Looking forward to getting more building options in and improving the building UI. Building is really one of my favorite aspects of any survival game.

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