Solace Crafting

Solace Crafting
Redefining the Crafting RPG

Monday, March 21, 2016

Early edibles

As a survivor game we start in Solace Crafting with almost nothing. Over time we can rise to Hero of the Multiverse! or just build lot's of fun stuff, it's all up to you.

Having said that, players need to be sure to eat well if they want to last through their first night! Nutrition isn't complicated but it is important so evolving past just mushrooms and carrots is an important step for anyone, but that doesn't mean mushrooms and carrots don't have their place.

I made and textured these two models today. They're nothing special, but I don't like working with primitive placeholders. Until a player has better facilities and the tools required to get better food, raw edibles can mean the difference of life and death!

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